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My story with DANCE begins at the age of six, when I started learning Argentine Folklore by the hand of my father. After couple of years dancing for the local company in the junior ballet I studied to become a Folkloric dances teacher. Later, during my teenager years, I learned Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia among other rhythms from Latin America. I also discovered Yoga and its benefits, a practice that has stayed in my life until now. Yoga helped me to understand my body while observing my emotions, it also opened doors to learn

Indian Traditional dances and Ayurveda theraphy. 
During those years I also discovered Baile Americano, a style insipired in the Eightie's decade that combines Swing steps with jazz dance and aereal tricks. I loved this dance so much that I studied to become a teacher and signed up for several competitions. Later, while I was studying Design at the University of Buenos Aires I got in touch with Bellydance, Afro dances, Brazilian samba, contemporary dance and contact improvisation, but the rhythm I focused most of my time in was Argentine Tango. Since 2010 I have been studying with several teachers, the most influential ones thought me to understand the dance from both roles and through Biomechanics. I studied Argentine Tango and Argentine Folklore at the University of Arts (formerly IUNA) and since then I have been travelling not only to Buenos Aires but also around Europe and Asia to rehearse, learning from the best teachers and working with the best dancers.
My most recent certification happened this year 2018 in Barcelona, where I finally was able to link Biomechanics with Anathomy to become a Pilates instructor.

My story with TEACHING also has its origin in my family story. My grandma was a teacher as well as my aunt, my father and my mother. I guess I have received from them the passion for this profession because teaching makes me really happy. I have been always very concerned about people, human behavior, health and self development. I have studied Sociology and Psicology for couple of years too. And I enjoy being with others, working in community, creating and planning together. I am also very patient and I like encouraging people to be the best they can be. That is why I feel specially good leading beginners groups. I believe everybody can dance because I believe in everybody's self power. If you can walk, you can dance. If you can feel the beat of your heart, you can find your own rhythm and through that you will be able to express yourself in the movement.


2013 Zumba Fitness Instructor
2014 Yoga and Ayurveda therapist
2015 Zumba Step Instructor
2018 Pilates Instructor
2016/17/18 Awarded Best Group Instructor at University of Tampere (SportUni) 


+358 45 78721478

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