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I have been teaching Argentine Folkloric Dances since 2009 in Buenos Aires, in Europe since 2011, in cities such as Saint Petersburg, Moscow, London, Barcelona, Minsk, Prague, Porto, Budapest, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Saigon, Helsinki and Tampere.

I have been teaching Argentine Tango in Finland since 2013 at my school Buenos Tangos Tampere, the first International Tango school in Tampere.



Buenos Tangos Tampere opened in 2013 with teachers Pamela & Ahmet, being the first international school in the city. Now renamed "Tango2Be", my studio cooperates with international teachers, creating dedicated, fun lessons that targets our students needs. Here you can find a list of our available courses.

If you are not sure about your level, please contact us so we can help you decide which option suits you better.
And remember that in dance as in our lives, we never stop learning.

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